About Us

Global Food & Nutrition Inc. (GF&N) is a consulting business, based in Washington, DC, providing technical services, training, research, project design, evaluation and product development assistance.

GF&N applies state of the art analysis and participatory techniques to build strategies; design, monitor and evaluate programs; perform policy analysis, operations research and develop products. The company focuses on global issues to assist clients in current ventures and develop future markets.

GF&N is positioned to tackle the nutrition and marketing challenges of agri-food related businesses, associations, governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations (NGOs and IOs),


  • identifies and promotes new opportunities for building businesses and targeting markets in the international food arena.
  • assists clients in understanding the issues in nutrition, health, food security and safety, and quality assurance to achieve better results.
  • applies its forecasting and market analysis capabilities for the benefit of its clients in the regions they target.
  • brings its top-notch technical credentials and extensive experience in world food policy to help agri-business and food-related industry associations improve their market performance, to realize new food markets, improve the quality and expand the diversity of food aid.
  • connects clients with Washington-based entities and represents their interests locally.

  • tackles all aspects of program design, evaluation, operations research and policy analysis.
  • fosters public-private food partnerships and build bridges between commercial and food aid markets.
  • applies its nutrition knowledge and food networks to expand the diversity and improve the quality of food aid.
  • brings food producers and non-profit groups together to match up food donations with recipients.
  • connects non-profit clients with Washington-based entities and represents their interests locally.

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