The Team

Global Food & Nutrition Inc. (GF&N) has:

    • a successful track record in research, program, policy and evaluation and offers expertise in nutrition, food security, food product research, development & consumer testing, food safety, food aid, sustainable food shed and value chains, market and trend analysis, projection, and strategic planning.
    • associates and institutional partnerships throughout the world.
    • a global network of food and nutrition experts to provide the most appropriate expertise to its projects.
    • the ability to work in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Greek, Italian and other languages.

The current Team includes:

Nina P Schlossman

Nina Schlossman, PhD

President & Chief Operating Officer:

Food and nutrition from programs and policy to physiological and scientific aspects, market and trend analysis, strategic direction & leadership of GF&N

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Nicole Coglianese, MS, RD

Program & Research Coordinator

Special Expertise: 
Nutrition science & policy, clinical nutrition & HIV, food composition & safety, HAACP, consumer testing & recipe, development, cooking demonstrations and training.


Lauren Wood, MS

Program & Research Coordinator

Special Expertise: 
Nutrition & food systems policy, monitoring & evaluation, knowledge management, data analysis.


Lisa Bridges

Office Manager


Peter Lurie/

Web, Graphics & Design


Mirette Ohman, MS, RD

Special Expertise: 
Nutrition, health & agriculture, maternal & child nutrition, food security, Feed the Future, Scaling Up Nutrition and other international initiatives, strategic planning, leadership, training, qualitative methods and participatory data collection


Andreina Soria de Claros, Lic.

Special Expertise: 
Nutrition & public health systems, micronutrients, food fortification, program & policy implementation


Quentin Johnson,

Special Expertise: 
Food technology, milling & baking, flour and food fortification, product manufacturing, quality assurance, food safety, food regulations, Codex Alimentarius


Rolf Grun, MBA,
Competitive Logic LLC

Special Expertise:
Business & management, strategic planning, institutional development & change


Bonnie Moore,
Moore Consulting

Special Expertise:
Executive Chef & recipe development, special food events


Tufts University, USA
Boston, Massachusetts

  • Friedman School of Science & Policy

  • Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA)


Université Ibn Tofaïl,
Kenitra, Morocco

Science Department



Women Chefs & Restaurateurs;
American Nutrition Society;
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics;
American Association of Drugless Practitioners