Public Sector

Global Food & Nutrition Inc. assists and develops training programs for private voluntary and non-governmental organizations (PVOs and NGOs), international organizations, donor agencies and national Governments in all aspects of program design, evaluation and policy analysis in the areas of food security, nutrition and health.


GF&N Techniques include:

  • Baseline, midterm and final evaluations
  • Market Research and Bellmon Analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment and Anthropometry
  • Policy Analysis
  • Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Proposal Development
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Survey Methods
  • Rapid and Participatory Method
  • Social Marketing
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training and Curriculum Development



GF&N has demonstarted expertise in research and projects, including:

  • Balancing Employment and Infant Needs
  • Food Aid legislation, programs and policy
  • Food Commodities – Dry Beans, Blended Cereals, Potatoes, Peanuts
  • Food Fortification
  • Food Security
  • Forging public and private partnerships and alliance
  • Household Resource and Food Allocation
  • Infant Feeding
  • Micronutrients
  • Nutrition throughout the lifecycle
  • Organic Agriculture and Certification Training
  • USDA and USAID programs and procedures
  • Women’s Nutrition